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A New Break Through in Test Automation Technology

Automation-X is an Automated Software Testing Tool, specifically designed for Web Applications, APIs and Database Applications. Automation-X improves the overall efficiency and quality of the test cycle(s) by reducing manual effort, improving repeatability, and enhancing speed of execution.

Automation-X allows Testing Teams to automate the test cycle effectively and efficiently by reducing the effort and expertise required for learning, developing, and integrating complex frameworks for automated testing needs. Automation-X is built for today’s technologies, by utilizing code-less scripting techniques to test Web Applications, API (SOAP and REST) or Database Applications. This simple to use test platform empowers non-technical Testing Teams as well as expert automation Testing Teams alike.


Automation-X Mobile is a state-of-the-art testing module provided within Automation-X that is specifically designed for testing of mobile applications.

Automation-X Mobile extends all the features of Automation-X across mobile applications and mobile browsers. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automation-X Mobile enables testers to test the functionality of mobile applications and mobile browsers with enhanced efficiency and shorter test cycle(s).

Testing Mobile Web and Native Applications (Android/iOS) in Automation-X Mobile can be done in connected devices (via USB), running Emulators (Android), running Simulators (iOS), or by accessing a remotely connected device.

Automation-X Mobile has a seamless layout which allows it to be a user-friendly and effortless tool to use. It enables users to write and execute fully functional and comprehensive test scripts without coding experience or learning a new programming language. Automation-X Mobile improves the overall quality of the test cycle(s) by increasing productivity and decreasing cost with faster and better testing of mobile applications.