Technology Integration for Energy Conservation & Higher Efficiency



We provide state of the art automation solutions and products to support facilities management and operations, engineering and product development and business process automation. We specialize in Building Automation Solutions, Automated Test Solutions, and Business Process Automation Platforms that are deployed in various industries.


We integrate the most advanced technologies with innovative features and functions to provide the best solutions for our clients.


We are focused on providing products and solutions that focus on conservation and sustainability to have a positive impact on the global environment.


We specialize in effective management and conservation of resources and energy. We look for innovative approaches for reducing cost and effort.


We understand how to use technology and engineering to achieve a higher level of performance for our clients through our products and solutions.


We use advanced engineering, cutting edge technology and industry best practices to ensure the highest efficiency and reliability for our clients.



At TIECHE Inc., AI is our forte… Our solutions and products are created to increase quality, productivity, and efficiency in the fields of Automated Testing, Building Automation, and Business Process Automation.

Our team of professionals include subject matter experts focused on Technology Integration and Innovation to create the best Automation Solutions for our clients.


At TIECHE Inc., AI is our forte… Our Mission is to provide cost-effective and easy to use automation solution to our clients. We are committed to help our clients operate efficiently and increase productivity by providing technologically advanced solutions. We aim to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing high standards of professionalism and commitment to our customers.

Technology Integration

TIECHE Inc. is at the forefront of automation technology and AI. Our commitment to technology integration, research, and development is the driving factor for our products and solutions and is the foundation for our success.

Conservation & Efficiency

Buildings account for nearly 40% of global energy consumption, making energy efficiency in buildings a critical factor for our environment. At TIECHE Inc., we have developed state of the art smart building solutions for achieving higher efficiency and better operations in buildings.

Smart Solutions

TIECHE Inc. provides Automation Solutions for a wide range of applications for our clients. From Smart Building Technology to AI based Automated Testing, our solutions provide the platforms for our clients to increase productivity and reduce cost in their organizations.

Education & Growth

Our team of subject matter experts focuses on achieving success for our clients. We share our knowledge to educate and support our clients on our products and solutions. Our engineers work with our clients from implementation to user training to ensure maximum benefit for our clients.