Technology Integration for Energy Conservation & Higher Efficiency


H.O.A. Cube is a web-based application specifically designed to help residential communities and homeowners’ associations manage operations of their properties. It is a scalable tool that offers a wide range of benefits to the user including document management, service and maintenance management, communications, work planning, and progress tracking.

H.O.A. Cube allows users to submit service requests easily by using the Service Request feature. The Service Request feature assures that customer’s request is documented, logged, and properly delivered for review and resolution to the community manager and other responsible parties.

H.O.A. Cube provides convenience and efficiency to community members and managers alike. It is a simple and effective interactive platform that can help communities improve their operations, and the overall environment.


Facility Cube is a web-based application designed for facility managers, engineers, and owners to effectively track and manage the service and maintenance of their facilities from a single, easy-to-use, centralized platform.

Facility Cube has state-of-the-art algorithms and AI built-in which allows users to automate different aspects of facilities management allowing higher reliability, reduced downtime, and efficient operation.

Facility Cube comes with a pre-defined work flow that can be adapted to facilities of all sizes and types. The Facility Cube platform has built-in Equipment Libraries, Maintenance Task Libraries, Maintenance Schemas, Service Ticketing Modules, and live data point monitoring.


Service Cube is a web-based platform designed for property managers and service providers in the facility maintenance, repair, and management industries to improve productivity, efficiency, and quality of service to their customers.

Service Cube allows service providers to interact directly with their customers, manage and dispatch resources to fulfill customer calls and monitor performance through real-time updates on service calls.

Service Cube allows service providers to improve the customer experience for their clients as well as manage cost and efficiency for improved business performance.

Administrators can create and manage sites from the ‘site management’ page. Administrators can also enable or disable sites whenever it is needed as well as create and assign users to a site.


Design Cube is a Cloud-based Engineering Design application created to enable users to effectively manage engineering design and documentation through all phases of their projects.

Design Cube allows users to utilize existing libraries as well as create their own libraries, generate and track project design submittals, progress documents and more. With Design Cube, the cost and effort required for the design and submittal process can be significantly reduced while the overall quality of deliverables is improved due to better tracking and reduced number of errors.