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Additional I/O for your NANO

by AmrG

For our ECOM Nano users, did you know that you expand your ECOM Nano with wired and wireless expansion modules? The ECOM Nano X1 and the ECOM Nano X2 can do that for you! With the ECOM Nano X1 and the ECOM Nano X2 can expand the ECOM Nano with extra Inputs and Outputs to expand the capability of the ECOM Nano to more monitoring and controlling points.



by AmrG

Stay tuned for our newest Testing Automation Solution for Mobile Applications, Automation-X Mobile, which is set to be released in 2020. Automation-X Mobile extends all the features of Automation-X across Mobile Applications and Mobile Browsers. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automation-X Mobile enables testers to test the functionality of mobile applications and Mobile browsers with enhanced efficiency and shorter test cycle(s).


The Next Big ECOM is HERE! (DEMO)

by AmrG

We are very excited to announce the release of our newest Product in the Tieche, inc. Product Family; the “ECOM NANO”. The ECOM NANO is set to revolutionize the controls industry with its new features that will empower our customers in ways never been navigated before.