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TIECHE Engineered Systems (TIECHE Inc.) is a technology firm based in beautiful Simi Valley, California.

TIECHE Engineered Systems (TIECHE Inc.) has been focused on automation technologies for over a decade. Our clients include Fortune 100 companies. We provide state of the art solutions for various industries and applications worldwide. Our products and solutions focus on increased efficiency and performance for Critical Space Environment Management, Automated Application Testing and Business Operations Management.

TIECHE Engineered Systems (TIECHE Inc.) provides Automated Application Testing solutions to our clients worldwide. Our Automated Testing platform (Automation-X) offers a comprehensive set of features to implement full automated testing solutions for Web Applications, API, and Database Applications. Our solutions are designed for today’s testing needs with a focus on achieving higher performance for the testing cycle(s) while reducing the overall cost.

Our line of environmentally friendly products and solutions provide our clients with the most cost-effective way to monitor, manage, and protect their facilities. Our secure web-based solutions enable our clients to analyze and manage their facilities remotely and make informed decisions to meet the operational and financial objectives of their organizations.

TIECHE Inc. is focused on Automation Technologies for Facilities Management, Application Testing, and Business Process Management.


TIECHE Engineered Systems (TIECHE Inc.) is a California based firm that is focused on Automation Technology and AI.  

Our products and solutions provide our clients with the most cost-effective way to monitor, manage, and protect their facilities.


TIECHE Inc. provides state-of-the art automation solutions that enable our clients to improve quality and productivity.  

We offer a range of traditional services as well as innovative approaches to those traditional services.


TIECHE Inc. provides a range of services to our clients with an innovative approach to help meet their organizational objectives.



TIECHE Inc. offers a variety of innovative products and solutions that are used for Facilities Management, Environmental Controls, Automated Testing, and Business Process Automation. Our solutions are created with the most advanced available technologies and best industry practices in engineering and design. TIECHE Inc. is committed to investing in innovation and ingenuity to be at the forefront of the next age of automation and AI.




TIECHE Inc. is a provider of Smart Building Solutions. Our commitment to Smart Building Technologies spans well over ten years. Our solutions are widely used by our clients for Facilities Management, Energy Management, and Plant Automation. TIECHE Inc. Smart Building Solutions are designed with the most advanced technologies to help our clients achieve excellence in their facilities by lowering energy costs and carbon footprint, while optimizing their facility operations. Our Smart Building Solutions can be applied to any type of facility to improve efficiency and achieve operational excellence.



Facility Factor offers a comprehensive suite of solutions and key features designed to enhance facility management. Users benefit from real-time access to critical data, seamless service ticket management, and live environmental and performance data streaming from their sites. Additionally, Facility Factor provides essential facility baseline information, including interactive floor plans, maintenance records, and equipment nameplate data.



Powered by the state-of-the-art AI Learning Assistant (AILA), Facility Factor integrates cutting-edge building automation technologies. This enables buildings to learn from historical data, forecast future patterns, and optimize operations autonomously, encompassing energy management systems, security, and HVAC. AILA’s capabilities leverage data to generate predictive alerts, reduce maintenance costs, minimize downtime, identify root causes, and offer accurate preemptive maintenance actions to optimize building system lifecycles.

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