SECOWEB™ is a Building Automation and Management Solution that allows its users to manage their sites and buildings in a cost-efficient and energy conservative manner.

Web-Based Front End

SECOWEB™ web server combines simple to use dynamic front end graphics with industry leading real time tools. Using its built-in XML IP capability, SECOWEB™ can communicate with Wide Area Networks (WAN), which are connected over Intranet or Internet.

Strength in Numbers

Designed to integrate multiple ECOM Control Modules into a single front-end, SECOWEB™ offers end users the maximum added value by offering all the features of other complex front ends in a cost efficient and user-friendly package.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

SECOWEB™ Enhanced Energy Efficiency (E3) module leverages its Advanced Reporting feature to allocate, analyze and present data in an organized and informative way through easy to use & easy to configure actionable energy reports.


SECOWEB™ combines innovation with intuition to provide the most user-friendly and cost efficient Facility Management Solution.

SECOWEB™ is designed with the end user in mind. The easy to use CND programming allows the user to create advanced level front end systems without any training. Thus, SECOWEB™ not only provides the lowest ownership cost, it also has the lowest set up cost in the industry.

SECOWEB™ allows users to perform facility and energy management by creating, monitoring, and controlling sites, all through one platform. SECOWEB™ allows its users to perform a variety of functions such as listed below:

  • Real time Control & Monitoring
  • Intelligent Alarm Management
  • Dynamic System & Area Graphics
  • Network Data Sharing & Control

  • Enhanced Data Logging & Trending
  • Graphical Program Trace Elements
  • Third Party Equipment Integration

SECOWEB™ combines state of the art hardware and software components to provide a comprehensive and cost efficient Facility Management Solution.

  • Real Time Control & Monitoring
  • Intelligent Alarm Reporting
  • Dynamic System Graphics

  • Real Time Asset Management
  • Network Data Sharing & Control
  • Enhanced Data Logging & Trending

  • TCP/IP Based System Architecture
  • Program Trace Elements
  • Third Party Equipment Integration



SECOWEB™ combines the most advanced technologies to put together a comprehensive Facility Management Solution. The SECOWEB™ platform was designed from the ground up including hardware, software, and field sensors. As a result, SECOWEB™ provides a solution which is technologically advanced, cost-efficient, reliable, and is easy to use.


SECOWEB™ provides everything to manage your plant from a “big-picture” view of large systems to monitoring and analysis of a single piece of equipment. SECOWEB™ advanced reporting provides in depth information to track, analyze, and manage your entire plant.


SECOWEB™ provides all the functions of complex instrumentation systems at a fraction of the cost. In addition to the lowest initial cost in the industry, SECOWEB™ drastically reduces the ownership cost for its clients due to lower set up and start up cost and ease of operation.


SECOWEB™ provides immediate access to real-time information via desk top computer, laptop or a smart phone, putting the management of your plant at your finger tips. SECOWEB™ advanced real-time control capability allows you to design and implement smart control strategies for higher efficiency and reliability.


SECOWEB™ is “ingenuity at work”. From Work Order Management to Equipment Life Cycle Monitoring to Intelligent Alarming and Advanced Reporting, SECOWEB™ brings the most cutting edge technologies together in a powerful and reliable Plant Management Solution.